JOB VACANCY: Business Data Analyst

Kontroltek are seeking an experienced, hard-working Business Data Analyst to oversee the collation and analysis of data, with the aim of identifying potential business opportunities for the Company throughout the UK and potentially over-seas. The role will involve identifying potential new customers, with reports then passed to the relevant...

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A Day in the Life of a Site Engineer

DAN WILLIAMS: KONTROLTEK’S YOUNGEST SITE ENGINEER The first thing that strikes me walking around this huge food and beverage building is how many people say hello to Dan: ‘I’m probably very annoying as a site guy’ he laughs, ‘I like to get to know all the production staff! You...

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If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen… but industrial electronics can’t. There’s just no escaping it: The higher the operating temperature of an embedded computing system, the shorter time it can operate reliably without failures.  Google’s Got it Right: Google is one of the best...

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5 Reasons Preventative Maintenance is so Important

Preventive maintenance is a carefully designed maintenance program, where maintenance tasks are performed routinely in order to avoid larger, costly fixes down the line. Many maintenance professionals have recognized the benefits of preventive maintenance and are now turning to preventive maintenance specialists for assistance with ongoing equipment upkeep. Here...

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Kontroltek Success!

160kw Inverter Repaired in One Weekend In manufacturing, any month can go one way or the other; absolutely manic, or eerily quiet. There’s no happy medium, and there’s no real way of being able to predict it. 2018 has been no different – our on-call engineers were welcomed into...

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South Coast Salesperson Needed

Are you a passionate, motivated, innovative salesperson who knows how to get results? Do you possess a technical bias with a strong understanding of manufacturing processes? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then Kontroltek want to hear from you. Who are we? Kontroltek is one of the UK’s...

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