Software Backups

Save time and money by backing up your automation software. Don’t risk days of downtime because of failure and data loss. 

Back-Up Your Software

Protecting Your Programmes

Software is slowly replacing hardware as the most important and expensive component of modern-day manufacturing. Even though automation means for a more efficient, productive and low-cost operation, it also increases the chance of losing time and money if the software is lost when a machine breaks down.

Backing up your software is one of the smartest and safest things you can do. Don’t run the risk of losing the PLC programme or HMI/SCADA system that keeps your plant operating every day.

Backing You Up

For over a decade, manufacturers have trusted Kontroltek to support and repair for them. We know that when hardware fails, software can be lost.

By simply having a copy of your software, you’re preventing a costly and damaging event from occurring. Kontroltek engineers are trained to minimise downtime.

Get peace of mind that your production will be back online as soon as possible.

Getting a Software Backup




Contact Us

Get in touch to arrange backing up your software. We’re available by phone, email or webchat. We’ll provide you with an estimated cost in advance.

Coming On-Site

An on-site engineer will visit you on-site. They’ll make two copies of the code your machinery uses to run — one for you and one for us.

Secured Software

We’ll keep your software safe in one of our workshops. The next time something fails, you don’t have to worry, we’ll be there to back you up.

Back up your software
before it is too late.

Why do you need a software backup?

“The HMI on a machine broke down and the integration was wiped. We tried to contact the manufacturer to purchase a new piece of software, but they had gone bust. We were down for about four days before we managed to find Kontroltek and had them reprogram it for us. We ended up asking Dan [Kontroltek Engineer] to come on-site and back up the other 10 machines just in case.”

— Engineering Manager, Packaging Manufacturer

And even if the OEM hadn’t gone bust, how long would it take them to respond to a request and send you the new piece of software? That’s days of downtime to purchase something you could have had a copy of.

What’s at Risk?

It’s more than just a PLC system — every piece of equipment you use has software programmed into it. This includes your drives, inverters and HMIs.

Kontroltek engineers can carry out software backups for the following:

PLC Systems

SCADA Systems

HMI Integrations

System Platforms


Web Codes


Development Technology

It’s low cost to get a software backup. Don’t risk days of downtime and thousands lost in missed production.

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