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The Plastic Sector

Since mass production began in the 1940s, plastics have been omnipresent in human life. By the end of the Century’s second decade, the global production of plastics had increased to over 350 million metric tonnes annually.

By 2050, the volume of global plastic production is expected to triple. We will be producing over one billion metric tonnes of plastics annually.

Due to its varied utility, the demand for plastics will continue to grow in most sectors. With this, comes widespread waste which will need tackling globally.

In the UK, the plastics sector has a £27bn turnover annually. It’s the third-largest employer in manufacturing — 180,000 directly and 500,000 indirectly. Being one of the UK’s top 10 exports, the sector will play an important part in helping the country compete on a global stage, against established economies and fast-growing economies post-Brexit.

The sector is evenly spread across the UK. Kontroltek’s multiple offices put it in a prime position to provide a fast turnaround on repairs for this vital sector.

Automation solutions are increasingly being used in the manufacturing of plastics. Especially the increase of precision moulding and industrial robot use. This has led to a rise in the use of HMIs, sensors, drives, motors and other industrial automation parts.

Kontroltek has the experience and test facilities to ensure a fully functional fix for parts used in the plastics sector.

Kontroltek covers any business which requires an industrial electronic repair.

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