What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is a model for protecting and conserving the Earth’s resources through the reuse of materials. In this model, products and materials are kept in circulation through processes such as maintenance and repair, remanufacture, reuse and recycling. The aim of the circular economy is to combat global issues such as climate change and encourage businesses to adopt zero waste policies.

Most commonly in businesses, we see a linear economy where products are made with the Earth’s materials and then discarded when they have served their purpose. This contributes to the world’s global waste and prevents those materials from ever being repurposed. Moving to a circular economy will help us take care of the finite resources we have left and is something we’re very passionate about here at Kontroltek.

How do we achieve a circular economy in industry?

In the manufacturing world, achieving a circular economy means companies opting for the repair of machinery and parts instead of replacing, therefore reducing emissions and mass waste.

Sage, in their survey of UK manufacturers and their use of renewable sources, reported that 75% of businesses said they were in the middle of transitioning to a circular economy, up to 16% have almost fully transitioned and 2% said they had completed their transition and entirely use renewable sources.

A circular economy is the future of sustainable industrial manufacturing. It is visibly advantageous, both for businesses and the climate, and is something we can help our customers to achieve.

How does Kontroltek contribute to the circular economy?

At Kontroltek, we recognise that globalisation, market demands, and culture have changed. In striving towards our own circular economy, we believe in providing solutions, not upselling replacements. To achieve this, we look to increase the longevity of your machinery and electronics by repairing more and replacing less.

Sustainability is the driving force of Kontroltek, helping both ourselves and our customers to reduce waste production, pushing industry towards a renewable future.

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