FANUC servo motors are high-performance motors used primarily in industrial automation and robotics. FANUC designs these servo motors to offer precise control, high efficiency, and reliability.

In our blog, we delve into why our customers prefer FANUC products and provide tips to keep your manufacturing lines running smoothly. It will cover the most common FANUC servo motor issues and what to do if you need to repair your FANUC servo motor.

Why use FANUC Servo Motors?

FANUC servo motors are integral components in modern industrial automation. Understanding their features, types, applications, and maintenance requirements can help select the right motor for specific needs and ensure its long-term operational efficiency. Here are the typical reasons why Kontroltek customers opt for FANUC servo motors:

·        Precision and accuracy: FANUC servo motors are known for their exceptional precision and accuracy, making them ideal for applications requiring tight control of motion and positioning.

·        High torque and speed: These motors provide high torque and speed, suitable for demanding applications like CNC machining, robotics, and automated assembly lines.

·        Compact and lightweight: Designed to be compact and lightweight, FANUC servo motors can be integrated into a wide range of machinery without adding significant bulk or weight.

·        Efficiency and reliability: High efficiency and reliability are hallmarks of FANUC servo motors, ensuring minimal downtime and long operational life.

·        Advanced feedback systems: Equipped with advanced feedback systems such as encoders and resolvers, FANUC servo motors offer precise monitoring and control of motor position and speed.

Common FANUC Servo Motor issues

FANUC servo motors are highly reliable, but like other complex machinery such as FANUC spindle drives, they can encounter issues over time. Here are some common problems that might occur with FANUC servo motors:

·        Overheating: This could happen if the motor is overloaded beyond its rated capacity, has experienced insufficient cooling or ventilation, high ambient temperatures or mechanical friction.

·        Encoder issues: These can be caused by a dirty or damaged encoder, misalignment or loose and faulty connections.

·        Excessive vibration: A misaligned or imbalanced rotor, worn or damaged bearings and loose mounting bolts can affect the motor, increasing the likelihood of wear.

·        Motor not starting: Internal motor failure, a defective drive or control system and faulty power supplies or connections could halt your operations if they cause your motor to cease working.

·        Sudden stops: Even if your motor doesn’t have issues starting, faulty sensors, electrical interference and drive issues could cause sudden stops or erratic movement during a process, potentially impacting your delivery.

Routine inspections can sometimes identify potential hazards that are better addressed early to avoid issues on an active production line. This proactive approach allows you to plan for brief maintenance periods and planned repairs, allowing experienced engineers at Kontroltek to detect complex issues before they escalate further and minimise unexpected disruptions.

FANUC Servo Motor repairs and testing

At Kontroltek, our teams ensure that servo motors are restored to optimal performance, reducing downtime and extending their operational life. We adhere to a rigorous process, starting with an initial inspection followed by disassembly, cleaning, necessary repairs or replacements, and reassembly of motor components.

That’s not all! Our custom in-house testing rigs allow us to fully test products under conditions similar to their working environments, ensuring proper alignment and fit. Our FANUC test rigs offer full-function testing for parts of this major brand. Every component undergoes a final inspection to verify that all repairs are correctly completed and that the motor meets operational specifications. Additionally, our teams offer reinstallation services and ongoing technical support to ensure motors function properly after repair.

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