Obsolescence Management

Plan with Kontroltek to mitigate the risk of obsolescence.

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What is Obsolescence Management?

Obsolescence management is the planning of identifying and preparing for when your parts, spares, components and software become obsolete.

Unfortunately, it is common practice for OEMs like ABB and Siemens to discontinue their series as they release newer models. For engineers in the manufacturing world, like yourself, it doesn’t make financial sense to constantly upgrade.

At Kontroltek, our workshops are home to 1,000+ years of engineering experience. We repair a variety of brands and parts every day. As a Kontroltek customer, you keep using what works for you. And when something goes wrong, we repair it for you.

Fast turnaround to repair your obsolete part.

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How to Manage Obsolescence

1. Become a Customer

We work with thousands of manufacturers around the world. Learning what they have in their factories and plants means for a better and faster service.

2. Stay in Touch

The Kontroltek team will stay in touch with you and always update with important information—including if a part you use is going to become obsolete.

3. Getting a Repair

Identify issues early and minimise downtime. Kontroltek engineers provide standard and emergency repairs, as well as UK-wide on-site support.

We’ll extend the life cycle of your older products. By overhauling units with every repair, monitoring and repairing parts is the cost-effective version of obsolescence management.

Speed of Repairs

For standard repairs, we aim to repair, test and return parts between 4-10 days. For emergencies, it is 1-3 days.

The on-site team are available 24/7, 365. If you’re based in the UK, call us out and we may be able to repair your part in a matter of hours.

Our callout cost is 20% less than compared to certain competitors.

Storing of Spares

We know it isn’t economical for all SMEs to store and maintain spare parts. But if this is something you do, Kontroltek can help you source obsolete parts and even repair them for you.

By being proactive, whether that’s storing spares or informing us on what you use, you can minimise your downtime. Our fast turnaround makes for both a fast reactive and proactive obsolescence management.

“It’s not affordable to have a spare for every part… and why have one when Kontroltek consistently turned around repairs in 24 hours off-site or in a few hours on-site?”

End-of-Life (Siemens S5)

On 30 September, Siemens is discontinuing the SIMATIC S5. That means from October 2020 onwards, Siemens will not offer any spare parts or repairs on any SIMATIC 5 components. Kontroltek will.

With Kontroltek on your side, you can keep using your obsolete parts without worry.

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Plan with Kontroltek to mitigate the risk of obsolescence.