The Three Top Reasons You Should Choose Kontroltek Parts

If you are on the Kontroltek Parts website, it is more than likely you are thinking about using us or another company in the field as a parts finder. In this short guide, we will explore just three of many reasons why you should choose us over our direct competition.

Kontroltek Parts – experience like no other

At Kontroltek Parts, we are more than aware that our reputation is only as good as the number of contacts we have and the relationships that we maintain with our suppliers. As this is the case, when hiring our dedicated team of staff we ensured that we selected those with plenty of experience in the industry.

Many of our staff members had previous experience as a parts finder and working with industrial supplies, which is why you can be sure you are in safe hands with Kontroltek Parts. Our staff members have the contacts and rapport with those who can offer us even the rarest of obsolete parts. We pride ourselves on fulfilling your orders for the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

Kontroltek Parts – industrial electronic repairs

As well as sourcing both new and obsolete parts, at Kontroltek we also offer 24/7 engineers who are available when you require them. Our fully trained and licensed engineers are happy to help.

Kontroltek Parts – friendly, outstanding customer service

As we have a number of staff who had previously worked in this field before joining Kontroltek, we took the time to listen to them. One of the most common points raised was that previous employers were far too detached from their clients, which led to many of them finding other companies in the field.

At Kontroltek Parts, we have ensured this is not the case. As well as industry experts when it comes to electronic components, our staff members are friendly, efficient and happy to help. This is one of the main reasons why we have managed to be so successful and continue to grow.