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Our success stories often talk about how no two days in our workshop are the same. The same goes for site work; you never know what you’re going to find, or how long the job will take. On the 16th April, Dan – one of our youngest, yet brightest, site engineers, was called on site to a company that build those posh cookers and fridges – the fancy ones you see in shows like ‘Escape to the Country’.

The monorail system in the factory was completely out of sequence; the idea should be that the cookers get put onto the system and an automated system carries them through the factory, to the other side of the building, on a trolley. The problem was that every time an operator would request a trolley, the system would drop two trains into the station, and then a third would hurtle in behind them and crash.

Dan was called in first thing in the morning, and spent the entire day – without lunch, he re-iterates – trying to find the fault. This was where he discovered a second issue: one of the operators had attempted a quick-fix solution, and had taped some of the limit switches up to try and trick the system. So, when a train would start driving onto the elevator, the elevator would begin lifting when the train was only halfway on. This broke 4 trains.

After fully examining the entire system, Dan finally found two faulty limit switches. Once these had been found, he was able to replace them, and re-set the monorail program. He then
re-sequenced the track, and finally, tested the whole production line. By 10pm that evening, his job was finally complete, and the customer was satisfied. All in a day’s work!

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