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Soon, You’ll Be Able To Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

A New Way To Book a Repair

We’re in the process of uploading 10,000+ part numbers to the Kontroltek website. This new part of the website will help customers like you either find us on the internet or better inform us of what you need repairing when making an enquiry.

Get Your Quote the Traditional Way

You can continue to find what we repair by visiting our brands and parts pages. You can still make an enquiry easily by visiting our quote page and find each of our branches contact details on our contact page.

Browse 10,000+ Part Numbers

A wheel from the automotive sector that is in Kontroltek brand colours.

Better Booking

Finding your specific part number and completing the in-built booking form means we know exactly what you need a repair for.

Faster Collections

Because we know exactly what parts you need collected, we can organise suitable collection faster, and be out of your way.

Accurate Quotes

Having specific part numbers means we can provide a quicker quote based on repairs we have undertaken on the same parts.

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We Repair Industrial Automation Parts

Drives – Motors – HMIs – Robots – PCBs – PLCs – CNCs
All brands and parts covered. No Domestic Repairs.